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Explicit error warnings on Sharepoint Write errors

When using the Sharepoint Output tool - we have seen a few situations (which are widely reported in the designer discussions thread) where the write to sharepoint fails, but no error is raised.
This often happens because of mismatch in data types, but we've also seen this for other reasons (e.g. we had this once due to column ordering).   In the worst case - this can end up with the sharepoint list being emptied out if the write fails on the first item, again with no error indicator.


The Sharepoint Input and Output are very widely used as a way of giving users a very simple UI to input data that can flow into an Alteryx Canvas - so this is a very commonly used pattern in our environment.


Could we request that the Sharepoint output tool be changed to include explicit errors and warnings on write, so that the user has a guarantee that either the write took place or there was an error to reflect the issue?


Thank you.

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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @SeanAdams thank you for your idea! We appreciate the time our ACEs take to provide us feedback and help us improve our product.  This is a high interest tool, so we always welcome feedback and interesting use cases, as it helps our Product team understand how the tool is used and the features they'd like to see.