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Enhance browse tool for numeric data

Currently the BROWSE tool shows numeric data in raw format.  It would be easier to evaluate a column of data if the data was right justified and formatted with the decimal point aligned.  


Thiwould change this













12 - Quasar

 Some further notes on this recommendation:


1. This is not meant to be about rounding the data but rather it is a presentation issue. For finance and accounting people who are used to scanning and interpreting large arrays of numerical data in columnar formats the vertical alignment of the data along with the insertion of commas is a powerful assist for rapid consumption.  


2. Excel provides a variety of numeric format display options at all levels (cell, row, column, range, sheet, workbook).  I am not sure what would make most sense for Alteryx but I would vote for providing display controls at the field level and at the model level along with a new environmental variable controlling numeric display format defaults.


3. Settings should be adjustable in the Select tool and the Formula tool at a minimum.


4. This would bring greater visual consistency with the output delivered by some of the R based tools.


5. This recommendation would likely not rank as high value with true "data scientists" but I expect it will score higher with the "citizen data scientist" segment of the Alteryx user base. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @derekbelyea, thank you for insight into how you are interacting with the Designer. We are working through ideas for making it easier to work in-line with your results data and will certainly take this into consideration as we plan out our improvement.