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Enable hierarchical folder structure view with 'Publish to Tableau Server' tool

When utilizing the alteryx 'publish to tableau server' tool, only the name of the folder (project name) is visible for selection of where to publish the .hyper file on the tableau server.  When there are multiple folders with the same name under different parent folders, i.e. a 'weekly updates' folder under North America parent, a weekly updates folder under South America parent, etc... there is no way to differentiate between the 'weekly updates' folders in the tableau publish tool. 

In this case, you essentially have to publish test files to all the folders and write the results on a piece of paper for future reference.  


This request is to enable the navigation, or at least view, of a hierarchical folder structure within the 'publish to tableau server' tool.  

5 - Atom

This is a huge miss in terms of integration with Tableau. If there are sub-folders 

(say XYZ) with the same names under the department projects (Sales->XYZ,,,Ops->XYZ) and the user only has access to XYZ under sales, there is no way to get to that specific sub-folder without Alteryx being able to interpret and display the complete hierarchy since currently they show up as Sales, Ops, XYZ, XYZ.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi all!


Thank you for posting your feedback! I've looked over this idea and it looks like it's good to go to our product team once it reaches the necessary like count, however I always strongly encourage adding use cases as it helps our product team fully conceptualize what the need is. Also I would recommend checking out our Submission Guideline as it goes over our current criteria for reaching the product team.

5 - Atom

I have same issue, now that my company is using Alteryx more , and more departments have their project folders and the projects themselves are names identical (i.e. last week metrics). Would be nice to be able to see the parent folder(s) of the project so I know which tableau dashboard I am pushing data to.

8 - Asteroid

Has this been resolved? Presently can only publish to the root project directory and not any subfolers\project sub folders