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Easy Conversion to DCM

When you start using DCM - you may have existing canvasses which use regular old connection strings which you want to migrate to DCM.


Currently (in 2023.1.1.123) - when you select "Use Data Connection Manager" - it shreds the configuration of your input tool which makes it difficult to just convert these from an existing connection to a DCM connection




The only way to then make sure that you don't lose any configuration on the tool then is to use the XML editing functionality of the tools and copy across your old configuration.


Could you please add the capability to keep my current tool configuration, but just change from using a regular old connection string to using DCM?


Many thanks 



cc: @wesley-siu @_PavelP 



Hi @SeanAdams, since you already cced Pavel and Wesley, I assume you might have touched the topic in person. We're currently working on a way to migrate workflows using 'regular old' connections to DCM. Your suggestion makes perfect sense and we'll work with the team if something like that would be possible. Thanks for bringing it up!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

appreciate you responding @petrl  - I genuinely believe that DCM is the right way forward, and if we can get the power of the full community behind your efforts, and get the right ideas in play - we can make this awesome!