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Customizable Designer Themes

This functionality won't be mission-critical to anyone, I'm sure, but a lot of IDEs and upgraded text editors (lookin' at you Notepad++) have the ability to customize the colors of text, the background, and other various tabs/objects that may appear on the screen. I understand that this is more important for code-based systems where the coloring improves readability so much, but I thought it might be a neat feature. I think leaving the tool colors standardized is a good idea though, just the canvas and outerlying windows. It could include the colors for the formula syntax highlighting too?


The icing on the cake would be the ability to save and share your settings or create a repository for them in the public gallery or something.

5 - Atom

Dark Mode would be a greatly appreciated feature!

5 - Atom

I agree with the above comments, I am not looking for a customization feature in designer but a dark mode should absolutely be something Alteryx is looking at. It is natural to want a large screen to be able to view as much of the canvas available and in doing so you are exposed to a massive amount of white light which frankly hurts my eyes as well as leads to a headache after a moderately long working session. Just to have an option to make the canvas itself dark would be a massive improvement and something I don't think should be terribly difficult. Can someone please give an update if a dark mode alone is something that is planned?


Thank you in advance.

7 - Meteor
Agreed with everything that was said up to this point and this feels like a relatively easy but very useful feature to implement. @RachelW any particular reason for changing the status to be "Not Planned" here other than other more important priorities from Alteryx's perspective? Is this really that difficult to add into the next version?
6 - Meteoroid

Also throwing my hat in the dark mode arena. The large white design of the application can be jarring for someone who works primarily in dark mode. 

Status changed to: Under Review
Status changed to: Accepted

Research on Dark Mode implementation is underway! Please be patient - this will be a big one... but we definitely hear you, and we are very excited to be coming to the Dark Side! This is the only additional "mode" we are considering at this time, but after Dark Mode implementation, we'd love to hear any additional ideas for customization of Designer. Just as a note: You can fully customize your canvas colors currently using Options > User Settings > Edit User Settings > Canvas! (I'm personally a big fan of a dark blue background these days 😎 )