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Copy an Output Tool and Paste as an Input Tool

This is fairly simple/minor capability, but I do think it would save some time. Especially when developing back and forth between different layers of an Alteryx Environment.




5 - Atom

+1 Great idea! I constantly find myself wishing this was an option, during development (processes with multiple workflows) but also post-development (typically when I don't know where a file or database lives, but know of a workflow that creates or appends to it.)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi All,


Thanks for the idea. At this time, we don't have plans to implement this, but will consider in the future.




6 - Meteoroid

Has this been reconsidered to implement?  I stopped here to post this idea (although executed in a slightly different manner)...but see it is already here.  

This would be a real time saver.  The currently posted idea might even be better than what I thought...but my version was to be able to right-click on File based output tool such as .csv, .txt, Excel, MS Access, .yxdb, etc.  and have an option to 'Create Workflow' which would create a brand new workflow with one Input Control pointing to the same 'output' file.



9 - Comet

Was about to submit this idea!  Currently you have to paste as an output tool and then convert to an input tool.  Eliminating this extra step by pasting directly as an input tool would be a helpful, albeit minor upgrade.