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Case insensitive join

Hey all,


The join tool currently does not allow case-insensitive joins, but the find/replace tool does.    Additionally- even if both sides are identical, the join tool will not join "Sean's house" to "Sean's house" because of the non-letter character in the middle.    Finally - if one side is a string(2), and the other is a vString(200) - even if you have a single identical character on both sides you get uncertain outcomes unless you force the type


Please could you consider amending the join tool to include 3 new options or capabilities:

- Case insensitive join

- Allow full Unicode character set in join

- Full match across text types (irrespective of string size) - this would allow a string(2) value to match to a string(100) value as long as the string(100) value only has the same 2 characters in it as the string(2) value


That would remove a load of work from every text-join that's being done on every canvas we do.


Thank you 




11 - Bolide

Once we have a Case-Insensitive Join, can we then change its default settings?


For ex. can we still have an option to:- Join Case Sensitive Records Only ...?

5 - Atom

Hi, could you provide an update on this feature?

5 - Atom

Is there any update on this feature?

Status changed to: New Idea

This appears to have been incorrectly marked Coming Soon in 2017. However, it's still a valid idea that could be considered in the future.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Revisit
8 - Asteroid

Definitely the "case insensitive join" would be very helpful to reduce the # tools to use upfront. 

8 - Asteroid

I'd love a case insensitive join so I don't need to create another new field or add more tools just so that the cases in the original dataset remain in the final output.


I imagine something like a simple checkbox option like the one being used for Sort [Use Dictionary Order].

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hey @KylieF do you think this and @SeanAdams ideas could/should be combined?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This seems like low hanging fruit that would be a nice add!

6 - Meteoroid

+1 to this one