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Alteryx support for Denodo Data Sources

I recently came to know that Alteryx doesn't support Denodo Data sources. We at our company are using Denodo as a data virtualization tool and also Alteryx is used for data blending. The request is for Alteryx to start supporting Denodo as a data source so that our company can reach out to Alteryx for any support related issues with Denodo.

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@VojtechT Very NOICE! 

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Hi ,


Using ODBC connector to a denodo DATSOURCE , there is a pb in in-db mode on the generation of temporary tables. Alteryx sends a create table as select request and not create temporary table as select as we would expect.


it would be nice to set up a dedicated connector

In fact, Denodo, based on the principle of virtualization, offers the construction of a logical DWH making it possible to interconnect all the physical sources of the company and to offer them for consumption. This would constitute a unified data base for end user consumption via Alteryx to perform the last mile of data preparation


Best regards



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@VojtechT - any idea when we might expect Denodo supported as a data connector?

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@bora_perusic @KylieF @VojtechT Any update for us on the Denodo support for Alteryx? My company is currently implementing Denodo views and i'd love to be able to brag on Alteryx and tell them how soon we might have native Denodo support :)

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Native driver would be most appreciated. Having to create dummy base views just to see a database is counter productive.

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Looks like Alteryx officially supports Denodo as a data source in latest version of Designer, 23.1.  Great Job Alteryx!!

Has anyone tried it out?  I am no longer getting the error with CamelCase tables.