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Allow Interface Tab to be Optional

Currently, when multiple tabs are created in the Interface Designer, Alteryx will require the user to click through all tabs before running the app.  Many times, extra tabs are there for advanced settings that may confuse the average user.Interface Tab.PNG


I propose a check box in the Tab Configuration to allow the tab to be a "background, or silent" tab, that is not clicked through in the process of running the app.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes
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I have built an app that has multiple functions to it. I finally split it over from one tab to 4 (The flows themselves are not huge or overly complex but each tab has a function or functions but on that tab its the only containers that are active so having to click next through each tab is a nuisance.


Right now i kept the more commonly used tools on the first tab - but you need to either click next 3 times and then click continue (or click on the last tab) to click Continue to run the app.


Would be nice to have the ability to change the "Run" option at the bottom (Next/Continue button to start the workflow)  - so that way users that do use functionality of moving tab to tab can still work that way, or if like me, you want multiple tabs but able to start the flow regardless of the tab you are on.


If you're wondering why not chained apps? The reason is because each of these separate tools are fairly short - they're running various audits/reports/management tasks - i dont need to chain to another app. Having these packaged into one makes it so users that the users dont have to save and use 6-7 different application files when they're small and can be managed through enabling containers in one simple application.

5 - Atom

Ah well i stand corrected - I overlooked the icon on the left that runs the workflow immediately - still having the option to select if you want it to run at the bottom of the app window would be nice.