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Allow For Drag and Drop in The Interface Designer


As many of you know, i'm a big fan of Alteryx Apps. However, one of the most painful parts of Alteryx Apps is moving around elements in the Interface Designer. Currently when you have many elements in your interface designer:


And add a new element from the dropdown, or through a new tool:



It is added to the bottom of the interface. Moving it to the top is currently done with the arrows, however this is very slow, especially when you have many interface elements:


Currently (with 9 radio buttons) it takes 18 clicks (each taking a couple of seconds due to delay between movements) to move it, because it moves between each step:


It would be fantastic if we could drag and drop the elements of the interface to where we like, for speed of development and ease of use.




8 - Asteroid

Absolutely! I spend a good deal of my time building solutions in the form of analytic apps and it is such a pain to have to sit and click a number of times to put an interface component in the proper position. When building a complex app wherein you have over 10 interface elements, the arrows are just a burden and slow down the process exponentially. 100% support this. 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula