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Ability to Resize Config Pane in new version of Desktop

I just downloaded Alteryx Designer 2019.2 yesterday and got busy straight away but couldn't help notice that while I like the general look and feel of the tool and general design language, I'm concerned that configuring the tools I work with will require so much scrolling.


Could we add the ability to set the zoom level of the configuration pane like we do in the workflow window or have some form of control on how the config pane sizing of contents.


I have attached the config panes using the crosstab tool as an example with 2018.4 on the left and the new 2019.2 on the right. I took care to snapshot both versions the same dimension for a more apples to apples comparison.

Screen Size 2018.4.PNGScreen Size 2019.2.PNG

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8 - Asteroid
I agree with this. I deal with a lot of fields typically (50-200) and the new displays crosstab, transpose seem to show less than half the fields they use to. Resolution: 1920x1080 with configuration taking up all of left hand side of screen For example if I compare 2019.2 Select vs new Transpose In Select, I can see 37 fields without scrolling on my screen In the new Transpose, I can see only 8 in Key Columns and 8 in Data Columns. So 37 fields vs 16 fields, not to mention in transpose there is a option at the way bottom that I have to scroll the big scroll bar to see about Warn, Error, Nothing on mIssing fields. Can we make all field lists more like the new results where we can filter on a field, search, sort, etc... Or even better the current select tool with the new results sorting, filtering & searching.