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new items indicator on Knowledge; Discussions; etc

Hi @LeahK,


On our profile pic (top right) there is a very simple marker that shows if you have new messages or notifications.

Can we implement something similar for the other areas on the left hand panel?

- if there are new items in the discussions, then put a green circle with a number in indicating the count

- Same for Knowledge

- same for training; blogs; events etc.


This would be MASSIVELY helpful because that would allow everyone to see on a simple scan if there's new content out there without having to trawl into each section one by one to find new stuff.


NOTE: if we wanted to really make this uber-cool, for the discussion areas, users would be able to say "only count unsolved (or only new unsolved) discussion treads in my notification counter".   That way, people like the top solution hounds (listed below) could be in and solving problems in seconds.


Top solution authors copied: (based on

@MarqueeCrew @jdunkerley79  @JohnJPS @michael_treadwell @patrick_digan @pcatterson @Joe_Mako @DataBlender @s_pichaipillai @Federica_FF @chris_love @tom_montpool @jack_morgan @kane_glendenning @Bob_Blackey @alex @danielbrun2 @DultonM @dataMack @Kanderson

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Status changed to: Comments Requested

I realize this is an older idea, but I'd love to see if this resonates with everyone across the community. Please encourage others to provide feedback if they would like to see this :) I can definitely see the value in it. Changing status to "Comments Requested"

11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

This sound like a great idea. Even if the number of new items are not given, it would be helpful to have a symbol for example : DISCUSSIONS* to indicate there has been new discussions added since your last visit to the community

8 - Asteroid

I like this idea. Having a number tag similar to the notifications icon would be very useful especially for the blogs, discussions and ideas. @JeffS  May I add a sub-feature request as part of this notification idea (ability to customise the way that notification number is calculated):


The notifications icon customisation is to be added to the user profile settings.


Say I am following the designer discussions and I want to only know the number of new discussions based on my thread subscriptions. Other users may want the notifications to be on all posts regardless of their subscriptions. Hence, the ability for that notifications number to be customisable. The devs can decide the extent to which it is customisable. May be worth doing some user survey to get some commonly desired ways to calculate the notification number so as to avoid over-customisation and losing simplicity.

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Status changed to: Not Planned

We rolled out a new community redesign earlier this year, and adding notification badges within the menu structure is not a possibility. Since we've also added several new features to highlight new content that's relevant to our community members, I'm going to update this to an unplanned enhancement.