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Guide to Alteryx Best Practices


The 2021 Alteryx INSPIRE conference wrapped up this week. There were lots of inspiring presentations. Along the way I picked up the latest Tips & Tricks document prepared by Stephane Portier. This title has been a regular INSPIRE feature at past conferences and each issue contained a mix of valuable secrets and shortcuts to make the Alteryx experience even better.


This time the title is a little misleading. What Stephane has created is a very complete and organized guide to best practices for developers working with the Alteryx Developer application.


Stephane makes a strong case for developers to take the extra effort and attention needed to create robust, well documented and maintainable workflows that will evolve over time as requirements change and data sources morph.


He has drawn attention to the specific features and approaches that lead to the creation of structured workflows that can be easily understood and audited.  He provides guidance on techniques that work to maximize quality deliverables, yet minimize the effort needed to get there.  It is a gem.


Everyone wanting to do serious work with Alteryx Designer should keep this document handy.


I have attached a copy and encourage you to read it from end to end.


I encourage the editors of the Community to give this document a prominent position on the site. In addition, to encourage best practices across the community,  I can imagine a contest being created where the winners would be those who could best demonstrate following the advice given in this guide.

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Thanks so much for the idea!  We're currently transitioning some of this content to a new location, so once we have that completed we'll be sure to update everyone!