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Ability to add more detail to Profile pages

Wouldn't it be great to have the option to share a bit more information on your user profile page?


I'm talking about:

- Full name

- Profile

- Location

- Who you work for

- Industry

- Links to social media

- Favourite colour

- First pet's name

- You get the idea.......


The first three are the biggies. It's nice to be able to get a sense of who people are, and to share a bit of who you are with others, and the profile page feels like the perfect place to do this (although it goes without saying that none of this should be mandatory).


1 Comment
Director, Community Operations
Director, Community Operations
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Good idea @jamielaird 🙂


I'm changing the status of this to "Comments Requested" to see if others would be interested in this sort of thing as well. It is definitely doable - the thing that takes some time is allowing proper controls to allow users to pick and choose what they would like to share, as not everyone wants to share everything. Good idea though!