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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Good-bye, July and Hello, September!


This year has been an odd one to say the least, and while I’m checking off more and more video games from my completion checklist while staying at home, it really feels like time is flying by. We're almost completely through the third quarter of the year, and it’s exciting to say that we’re at our quarter product release once again.


Source: giphy.comSource: giphy.com2020.3 is now available for download as of today and is chalked full of good things, including several ideas from our users!


We were able to include a total of 15 ideas, accumulating 197 likes this release. Though don’t take my word for it, check out all the fantastic ideas from our users we were able to implement below, including the new Bulk Loader for Postgres SQL and Snowflake Bulk Loader update!






And after looking at all these awesome ideas, be sure to check out our release blog and release notes as well to see all the new features that didn't appear here as you adventure into this new release!


Source: giphy.comSource:




















Thank you for all the users below for amplifying Alteryx!


These Awesome Ideas...

...Are Thanks To:
Bulk Loader Capability for Postgres SQL @Nelavv 
Snowflake Bluk Loader | Utilize Built-In Snowflake Stage @danners 
Replace All @MarqueeCrew 
Search & Replace @SeanAdams 
Workflow Dependencies Test Success @CharlieS 
Top-Level Projects view for Tableau @JanLaznicka 
Bring Back in Select Tool "CTRL+C" to Copy The Field @ekl 
Find Replace Text in Configuration Window @brianprestidge 
Project Filter in Tableau Loader @JanLaznicka 
Search and Find And Replace Feature with a Workflow @D12monkey 
Find Replace Text in Find Tool  @knozawa 
Find and Replace within Workflow @spainn 
"Status" column in all applicable asset lists @JanLaznicka 
How to Build a User Group in Server  @reddy520 
Ownership bulk assignment from front-end @JanLaznicka 



New things are about, and we have even more on the way! So be sure to check out our Beta Program here on the Community. We have many cool tools and features that users can test out and provide feedback on before they’re included in the product, like the Azure Data Lake V2 Connectors!


Thank you all for submitting your ideas and feedback, and helping make us better. If you too would be interested in submitting a product idea and being a hero be sure to check out our Product Idea Boards! And as always, keep on rocking Alteryx Community! 


Source: giphy.comSource:

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Awesome list of new features, looks of FIND & REPLACE functionality to check out.


I think my favourite will be the Security Groups on Server - A huge timesaver!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Exciting to see Community ideas come to life! Looks like @MarqueeCrew posted his nearly the same time the Community became live 5 years ago!