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It’s my pleasure to announce the launch of our most recent quarterly release today, Alteryx 2020.3. Throughout this summer, the Alteryx product and engineering teams continued to innovate on our recently launched products, the Alteryx Analytics Hub and the Intelligence Suite. Combined with improvements to the 2020.2 quarterly release, we’ve really kept the momentum going.


Your candid feedback, suggestions, and unique use cases have shaped the direction of this release and the roadmap for our Analytic Process Automation platform. In 2020.3, we’ve introduced enhancements that will streamline the way you solve, and alter the time it takes to gain valuable insights from your data. Check out some of what we’ve been working on in 2020.3, and comment below to share your thoughts on this release with us!


New One-Click Modeling Option in the Intelligence Suite

Improving your experience with advanced analytics in Alteryx is something that we think about every day. With 2020.3, we’ve given you the ability to select Automatic Mode within the Assisted Modeling Tool, which creates an optimized machine learning pipeline with a single click.

Solving questions with predictive analytics can be daunting and having the right tools to leverage at every step makes all the difference. The new Automatic Mode option does a portion of the heavy lifting by using state-of-the-art data science to determine best algorithms, data features, and transformations to provide you with a model that balances accuracy and performance.


Whether you choose to go with automatic modeling, step-by-step modeling, or dragging and dropping Machine Learning tools onto the canvas to build your model solo, our goal is to provide you the tools you need to uncover insights from your data.


Read more about details behind the what, why, and how of this functionality straight from the team who created it here. 


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Text Mining Tricks You Won’t Want to Miss

The Intelligence Suite’s PDF-reading capability has become understandably popular as many of our customers have been using these tools to bring in text data on invoices, surveys, and more. In 2020.3, we’ve taken it to another level by bringing the ability to select and read in text containing multiple languages vs. a single language on a PDF document (this includes all our Alteryx-supported languages). Global companies that store unstructured data in several languages on the same PDF documents now have the flexibility they need to extract value from all their PDFs.


Streamline Your Analytics with the Snowflake Bulk Loader

If you have been involved in our Beta Program, you may be familiar with enhancements made to the Snowflake Bulk Loader. In 2020.3, the Snowflake Bulk Loader tool has been improved and extended so you can use Snowflake’s internal stage. Now, the choice is yours! You can still move data into Snowflake via an existing S3 External Stage, OR leverage Snowflake’s internal stage, which could reduce complexity and costs associated with data transfer.



Snowflake Bulk Loader GIF.gif


Find and Replace, Making Life Better Since 2020.3


A new addition to Designer originated from a Community thread, and we’ve been hard at work implementing it this quarter. The Find and Replace feature is an incredibly useful productivity tool, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing that any replacements you make in your workflows have been 

propagated throughout.


Whether you’d like to swap out words within Comment Tools used to annotate your shared workflow or edit all your expressions in a Formula Tool all in one sweep – we've got you covered with Find & Replace.


COMPRESSED find and replace.gif


Outside of Designer, new bulk edits in Connect will also allow you to find assets in your data catalog and easily replace things like Description, Owner, and more.


Date and Time in Your Preferred, Localized Format

Our initiative to improve your experience while using Designer in your local language continues as we've focused on adding international Date/Time support to various places in Designer in 20.3. We've extended international support to the DateTime, DateTime Now, and Report Header Tools as well as the DateTimeParse and DateTimeFormat functions of the expression editor.


With these updates, you’ll be able to do things like convert your Date/Time formats to your desired in-language string formats and vice versa, input the current date and time at the workflow runtime in a format and language of your choosing, or even specify your desired language when parsing and formatting in any tool that leverages the expression editor. We understand how these nuances can make all the difference when you are looking to unite your global team’s analytics.


New Search for Tools in Your Data Catalog

In order to gain transparency into which tools are being used within your organization’s workflows, you can now view an entire list of tools that make up your workflow all on one page. If you’ve ever needed to migrate from one tool over to another, for example, this capability makes the transition seamless and simple.


Run Your AMP-Powered Workflows Anywhere, Anytime

Last quarter, we launched our new AMP engine. Now, certain tools in Alteryx run leveraging new cutting-edge multithreaded technology! In 20.3 we continued the journey of building out AMP support for the entire Platform, and now you’ll even notice a lightning bolt indicator next to AMP-Powered workflows on Server.


Upgrade Your Analytics Today!

Alter Your Time to Insights with the 2020.3 release by upgrading to our most recent version. To read more about new additions mentioned in this blog and more, head over to our Technical Documentation. We love hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Let us know what you think about this release or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums.


If you are a current customer, get a sneak peek at brand-new features in our new Public Preview Beta Program where you can now test all features in one Designer build and provide feedback directly to our Product Team. If you are brand new to Alteryx and want to try us out, get started with a free Designer Trial.


P.S. If you haven’t checked out our new products, keep reading!


  • Are you interested in learning more about the new Alteryx Intelligence Suite or want to take your solving skills to the next level? Head over to our Support Contact Portal and select Request Access to Intelligence Suite. Read a fellow user’s published Intelligence Suite use case on Community to see how they got addicted to these sweet new tools and even kick off your solving with our new starter kit!

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  • Solve faster with new tools that have been converted to leverage multithreaded technology with our AMP engine: Select Records, Count Records, Weighted Average, Date Time Now, Random % Sample, and Create Samples.