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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

A few years ago, a dear friend and former colleague presented me with an opportunity: Join Alteryx to help build the next generation of its community. At the time, I was living in Numazu, Japan – a smaller, countryside town.


Until that point, my wife and I had been living abroad for over five years. We became accustomed to the nomadic lifestyle and were lucky that our jobs gave us the flexibility to explore in a way not many people can. Who could have known that one conversation would completely change the course of where I would land?  It goes to show you the power and pull of a strong community! The chance to be a part of building the legacy of the Alteryx Community  made the decision to pack up my family and literally move across the world an easy one. It’s been two years since I officially joined the Alteryx family, and I haven’t looked back since.


infographic-5yr.pngToday, I am grateful to be a part of celebrating a tremendous milestone in the history of the Alteryx Community: our five-year anniversary. While I haven’t been around since Day 1, it’s been amazing to see the community grow and thrive so much over the years.


This past year has been no exception, and we’ve achieved some truly incredible results. The Alteryx Community gained 80,000 new members over the year, growing to over 175,000 members strong. There were nearly 13,000 new certifications achieved, many of which were gained by the over 10,000 ADAPT participants. We implemented over 80 of the ideas submitted by our community members, as well as hosting over 45,000 discussion posts! We held nearly 120 user group meetings supported by our members, and offered loads of new content in blog posts and new podcast episodes.


In addition to celebrating this amazing growth, this year represents so much more.


None of us could have predicted that a global pandemic was in our future, let alone the toll it would take on our daily lives.


There has been immense unrest in the U.S. and worldwide this year around social justice issues, which members of the community addressed via several posts and blogs throughout the summer. And because of the unprecedented global job losses as a result of the pandemic, the Alteryx Community opened its doors to those looking to up-skill and find a new career with the ADAPT program, which has brought thousands of new Alteryx users and community members. With these new and aspiring citizen data scientists joining the community ranks, we’ve been able to provide training opportunities and do our best as a community to lift one another up during a year that has been anything but easy or normal.  


Despite the challenges we faced, the community continues moving forward. We’re embracing change and finding opportunities to band together to address these challenges.


This year really demonstrates that what’s most important in any community is the people that make up its membership. The Alteryx Community is no exception. Your daily contributions keep the community alive and well through thick and thin. Our most dedicated community members keep us informed, help other members, and provide important context from real users of the product. Their passion for the community drives them to make these contributions, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.


It’s my honor to keep up our tradition and announce our top 10 contributors for year 5:


topcontributor2020 (1).png




Congratulations to all, and HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY to the best darn community out there.




Comment below to share a favorite community memory from year 5. We can’t wait to hear from you. Cheers to our strong community, and here’s to another 5 years together!