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Find and replace within Workflow

Would be great to have a find and replace option in the workflow.  I've deployed a template workflow to maintain a datamart.  I have about 50 sources which means about 50 workflows all very similar to each other.  In fact its typically only table names that change.  Would be cool to be able to open the template workflow and just do a find and replace on the name of the table.  The find and replace could prompt me on each replace or I could do a replace all.  This would be consistent with other apps like Excel.

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I would like to see something like this too. For my use case, I'd like to see an option within the Find and Replace tool that would allow me to choose "all fields" or "all string fields" to perform a lookup based on a list of values and replace with the defined value. Just like the existing Find and Replace, but allow me to perform that on multiple fields in one shot. If there's already a way to do this (easily) please share!