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Alteryx Beta Programs

  • What is the Alteryx Beta program?
    • Alteryx Beta Program gives sales approved customers access to pre-release versions of Alteryx Products. You can become a critical part of our development team! Try the latest features and give feedback to help Alteryx deliver the best versions of our products ever!
  • Who can participate in the Alteryx Beta Program?
    • Sales-Approved Alteryx Customers in good standing
    • Alteryx Partners
  • How do I Participate?
    • Following are currently available beta opportunities. Existing users Sign In/Applicants Sign Up.



Beta Program



Alteryx Analytics Beta 2020.3

Designer Desktop, PostgreSQL Bulk Loader, Python Virtual Environment Manager, Snowflake Bulk Loader

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Helpful Alteryx Beta Program Resources:


  • I have an Alteryx Community login, is that the same as my Alteryx beta program login?
    • No- while SSO is a goal, currently Alteryx Community login and Alteryx Beta Program login accounts are completely separate.


  • I applied X days ago, when will I be approved?
    • 1) Check SFDC for account status (NOTE: if you are using a non corporate email address, we’ll likely not think you’re a customer, please use corporate email address when you sign up)
    • 2) Sales Approval - If account is in good standing, beta program asks Sales to ‘opt-in’ and confirm beta participant account is allowed to participate in the beta program. NOTE: Check with your sales rep as they will receive an email asking them for approval within 24 hours of receipt.
    • 3) Beta Account enabled - Once Customer account is validated in SFDC and Sales approves, the beta program will enable account at which point applicant will receive email indicating that they are approved for the beta and that they can sign in and begin testing.
    • here’s what happens when your application is received:
  • If you are having trouble activating the license key for Designer, please try the offline license activation method as described in the

help docs  ‘Activate a license offline (file activation)’ section. Note please send the .req file to to upload the file into the UAT portal.