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Community news, customer stories, and more!
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

A lot has happened in the Community since the last highlights blog — we launched version 5.0, we released the first season of Road to Inspire, and most notably the Inspire conference came and went faster than we ever would have imagined. All the while, our community hummed along at record speeds.


This latest edition of Community Highlights, covers the past two months of Community happenings -- infused with the spirit of Inspire.

In Case You Missed It

*Community news & announcements.


Python Tool Challenge

To celebrate the Python SDK shedding its Beta flag, we're inviting YOU to create & share your creations with the Community for a chance to win big!  WASD keyboard anyone?!




Check out the Python Tool Challenge on Dev Space -- to learn more. Contest deadline is July 31st!


New Transportation Industry User Group
The new Transportation Industry Group has officially launched! The very first meeting took place yesterday, June 28, and featured three awesome speakers from Delta, Alaska Air, and Canada Air. If you missed the live event, you can find the recorded version here: Inaugural Transportation Alteryx User Group Meeting

If you are interested in presenting at an upcoming meeting, or would like to discuss taking on a leadership role within the group, please reach out to @MaddieJ. You can also post on the User Group page to find out more!


Introducing Alteryx Analytics 2018.2

@AshleyK and team made a big announcement earlier this month. "The passion of our customers is what motivates us and after many long days, late nights, and weekends working, we are proud to bring you the newest version the Alteryx platform."


Find out what's included in the latest release and why right here: Meet Analytics at Scale

Never. Stop. Learning.

*Alteryx Academy. All the training resources you need.


Weekly Challenge

 wc_125_camp3 (1).png

Ready to try out something new you learned at Inspire? Looking for an Alteryx brainteaser to get those wheels turning on a Monday morning? Just want to have some fun with Alteryx? Join us for the Weekly Challenge!

Challenge#120: Popular Baby Names

Following the week of Inspire, Challenge #120 has been one of the most popular yet with over 75 posted solutions!

Challenge #121: World Cup 2018

Looking to automate your World Cup viewing schedule? Take this challenge to determine when and where World Cup matches are held!

Challenge #122: Think Like a CSE...Ranking Data

Our latest edition of the “Think Like a CSE” Weekly Challenge asks Challengers to emulate the “Rank” function in SQL.  


Are there other Alteryx skills you’d like to put into practice? No problem. We’ve got you covered. You can browse all of the available challenges by difficulty and subject, right here.

Upcoming Live Training


School may be out for the summer, but the learning continues! Join us Tuesday mornings at 10 AM PT / 12 PM CT for Live Training sessions covering a range of topics:

ACADEMY-Inspire18 slide-500.pngJuly 10th | Core Certification Prep Session

Getting ready for your Core certification exam? Join us to learn about preparing for the exam, strategies for answering questions, and a walk-through of the certification platform.

July 17th | Spatial Analytics for Intermediate Users

Feel comfortable creating trade areas and doing spatial matches? Take your spatial work to the next level learning how to construct and deconstruct spatial objects.

July 24th | Advanced Certification Prep Session

Want to make sure you're set up for success for your Advanced Certification Exam? Attend this session to review key concepts and prepare for the upcoming exam.

July 31st | Alteryx Gallery and Best Practices

Are people always coming to you for data requests? Have you built workflows that others need to run? Learn how to publish your workflows to the Gallery so others can be self-sufficient with their requests and users can run Alteryx apps from a simple web interface.


If you missed a live session, or are curious to see what's available on-demand, check out the recently updated Live Training Index & Welcome.




Alteryx Certification exams were offered at Inspire for the first time this year, and it was a hit! Congratulations to all those who passed and walked away with a new credential as the cherry on top of their Inspire sundae! The Expert exam was offered for the very first time, and @Claje became the first to earn the Alteryx Expert Certified status! Check out the Inspire certification graduation party:



 Nuts & Bolts

*Alteryx in Practice. Noteworthy Articles, Blog Posts + other pearls of wisdom.


Coinciding with their Inspire presentation of the same name, the Customer Support Engineering team released their annual compilation of tips & tricks from within their team as well as the wider community. It gets better every year and this year weighs in at an astonishing 113 pages! Download the PDF and keep it handy: Inspire 2018: Tips & Tricks

With the release of 2018.2, SAML support has finally arrived for Alteryx Server, and @SydneyF walks you through the configuration settings for both Okta and PingOne:

Read our Blogs



In June the Engine Works blog featured a couple of articles describing behind the scenes techniques our developers used with the HTML GUI SDK to revamp the ever popular Publish to Tableau Server tool. Read these to learn how to put a slick, interactive interface on top of your macro:

After an inspiring conversation with an Inspire attendee about “Reference Data”, @NickJ cranked out a 2,600 word masterpiece on his long flight home musing about how he would build a “data spellchecker” with Alteryx: Patterns for Managing Reference Data using the Alteryx Platform

And over on the Data Science blog, @DrDan published a series of posts predicting World Cup group round match outcomes, and explaining how he built the models:


Speaking of the World Cup, @joe_lipski, Alteryx ACE & soccer fan, took it upon him self to host & share The 2018 World Cup of Alteryx Tools with the Community! Tune in to the fun on twitter! #WorldCupOfAlteryxTools

Now that's a GREAT Question

*New to Community Highlights & brought to you by MarqueeCrew


Mark-question.pngWe often celebrate those dedicated souls who rank up to the top of the Accepted Solutions leaderboards. While helping fellow users solve problems in our forums is a huge contributor to the success of our Community, it's important to acknowledge those who take the time to ask compelling questions.  


We asked @MarqueeCrew, our all time Top Contributor two years running, to share some examples, as well as his own take on what makes a GREAT question. 


How to Generate Rows in a Loop

@Newbie_1 wanted to “make it clear” and so they did with their “Generate rows” post. The question was placed in context and it contained a clear description of their input data and the desired outcome. The question itself drew me to answering the post with a description, picture and a sample workflow. As a bonus, @Newbie_1 quickly marked the response a solve. Kudos for the question and for making it easy to see where the “Tips & Tricks” could help a fellow community member.


Data Cleaning - What is the Best Method?

@shpruitt was “new and struggling” and wanted to know the “best” way to remove a prefix from a string. Using eye-catching keywords of “Data Cleaning” and “Best”, this post got responses from @BenMoss, @Bob_Blackey, @The_Data_Loop and myself. Good descriptive titles help others to find the post and keep those monitoring the community for questions engaged. We all had different approaches to solving the question, it is still open and I hope that one or many of us gets the solve.

I encourage folks to STAR posts that they have read. It's a really easy way to encourage others to keep up the good work of asking and answering posts.

All about that ACE

*Alteryx ACE program updates


This year, we expanded and improved our ACE Program to highlight some of the biggest contributors and influencers on and offline. Whether these individuals are publishing books, or evangelizing Alteryx within their internal organizations, or providing countless solutions on Community—the common denominator is that they are all fiercely passionate about Alteryx, and are thrilled to help others in the larger analytics community come to their data-aha moments. Earlier this month at Inspire Anaheim, we unveiled our 2018 US ACE Cohort, and we couldn’t have been prouder to have these 5 champions onboard.



Please reach out to congratulate and get to know your new ACEs!


Deanna Sanchez, Senior Consultant at Teknion Data Solutions
Gary Gruccio, Manager of Market Analytics at Signet Jewelers
Heather Harris, Solutions Architect & Data Scientist at Alaska Airlines
Nicole Johnson, Senior Consultant at T-Mobile US
Yuya Ozawa, Big Data Analyst at Classmethod


Community Tips

*Tips to help you make the most of your time on the Community.


With the recent re-structure of our Community, we created dedicated hubs to house Product specific questions, knowledge, and Ideas. We encourage customers, new and old, to get involved in the new  Alteryx Connect and Alteryx Promote areas.


Alteryx Connect Hub.png


Make sure to ask questions, browse resources, and share ideas that are specific to each Alteryx product from within these hubs!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Community Highlights!  A special thanks to @MarqueeCrew for sharing his expertise and his love of questions in this months blog. If you have ideas for what you'd like to see, or would like to offer your own expertise in upcoming highlights, please comment below.

Leah Knowles
Senior Manager, Community Management & Programs

Leah is responsible for building and growing engagement programs that enable community members to make the most of the Alteryx product suite. She is passionate about building customer communities to collaborate and solve real world business problems, and believes that connecting with people and building relationships leads to better work. Follow her on twitter @LeahMKnowles

Leah is responsible for building and growing engagement programs that enable community members to make the most of the Alteryx product suite. She is passionate about building customer communities to collaborate and solve real world business problems, and believes that connecting with people and building relationships leads to better work. Follow her on twitter @LeahMKnowles

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Lots of great content to choose from this month with so much community activity.  Thanks to the team for your tireless efforts.  Have a safe and happy holidays.





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