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Inspire 2018: Tips & Tricks

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Our incredible user community came through once more with their most valuable Alteryx tips & tricks, these along with our own are now captured in our Tips & Tricks 2018 book.


Our sincere gratitude to our user community for their contributions and for attending our session at Inspire 2018 !


Enclosed is our 100 + pages of tips & tricks … enjoy !




Margarita, Henriette & Jessica

Customer Support Engineering


Fabulous standing room only sessions at Inspire 2018 ladies!


Margarita suggested I add a tip .... when viewing large workflows it is easy to zoom out and then selectively zoom back into a different section by combining Ctrl, Mouse Scroll wheel and the Mouse pointer's location.


Zoom out w/Ctrl+Scroll but then move your mouse pointer over a section of interest and Ctrl+Scroll to "drop down into" the view.


Quick way to zoom out to 50,000 foot view and instantly drop back down into an entirely different section.


Thanks for sharing!  You two were amazing with a packed house! 


We were wondering if you had just the slides for your presentation?  


Thank you again!

Can someone also share the presentation on Data Audits and error handling,...




Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



You will receive in the next week or so the presentation you attended at Inspire via email.




Wow.. this is some amazing content!  I am going to take a print out right away and keep it at my desk Smiley Happy

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Tips & Tricks A.k.a. "The Bible of using Alteryx"


Awesome job! (Like always)





Thanks @MargaritaW for the link. I would just like to point out that, when we click on the 'Download' we are presented with two screens with some kind of error message popping out. Using the down arrow button on the bottom-right of the screen we are able to download. I feel this can be avoided.