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Movie finder App for Mrs. Claus

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In catching up on recent submissions to this years santalytics app challenge -- I came across @T_Willins movie finder app and felt compelled to comment.


Needing to unwind, Santa suggests to Mrs. Claus to Netflix and chill watch a movie.  

First of all, absolutely HILARIOUS. Check out the whole submission here if you need a good laugh 😂


Second, love where @grossal is going with his thought process:

...It would be a cool addition to select your streaming services, so that the selected movie is definitely available for you - or at least you know where to buy/rent them.

I've often wondered how much time I spend scrolling through 5+ streaming services to find the exact perfect thing to watch -- or knowing that I want to watch a very specific movie (like Elf last week, for example) and searching through several apps only to find out that it was only available for "free" on live TV (side note: I ended up recording it on Sling -- gotta fast forward through the commercials). I often google "where can I stream enter movie here?" and have yet to find a reliable tool or database of all the possible things to watch. As an avid TV/Movie watcher, I NEED a better solution. I suppose I'll have to try ReelGood before making judgements....


In the meantime, playing around with streaming service data is something I could get into. Anyone else dream of getting access to behind the scenes netflix and other streaming service data? hah


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ACE Emeritus

This might be a start....

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