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  3. Attach the application file or Alteryx Designer Workflow

    1. If you cannot share the application itself, provide a more detailed description of the functionality and output of the application


If you have questions about the submission process, please post those as a new discussion topic in the Santalytics Forum.  This thread is strictly for submissions.


We can’t wait to see what all of you share in here, and to make it a little more interesting, we’d like to encourage all community members (even those not actively submitting) to offer a “like” to the entries that you find the most exciting or useful!





Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hey everyone!


That is a solution developed by me and @carlosteixeira .



Help beginner users to don't get confused by crosstab/transpose logic, using something similar to pivot table of excel.



Using python, we created a macro where user can select which fields he need as lines, columns and values, getting as output a new transformed table with the specifications provided. To run, take more time than usually takes with crosstab/transpose but don't be a problem to use.






Inside Macro:





Inside python code:




# List all non-standard packages to be imported by your
# script here (only missing packages will be installed)
from ayx import Package

from ayx import Alteryx
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

file = pd.DataFrame("#1"))
linhas = pd.DataFrame("#2"))
colunas = pd.DataFrame("#3"))
valores = pd.DataFrame("#4"))

linhas = linhas["Linhas"].tolist()
colunas = colunas["Colunas"].tolist()
valores = valores["Valores"].tolist()

table = pd.pivot_table(file, values=valores, index=linhas,
columns=colunas, aggfunc=np.sum)
table = pd.DataFrame(table.to_records())









All the values inside the values group, will be aggregated by sum if is number and concatenate if is string.


Hope that macro can help someone!

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

While not necessarily solving a North Pole business problem, this app solves a problem in my home that I could see happening at the North Pole:  What Christmas movie are we going to watch?!?  No more endless scrolling through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. with this app!  As a bonus it provides a cookie and beverage selection.  Now for the introduction:


'Twas early Christmas morning and Santa has returned to the North Pole tired from the long night of delivering presents.  Needing to unwind, Santa suggests to Mrs. Claus to Netflix and chill watch a movie.  Mrs. Claus agrees and says she will even make one more batch of cookies and make them drinks, but only if Santa can give her exactly which movie to watch, which cookie to make, and what they should drink.  Not wanting to upset his chances with Mrs. Claus he uses his Alteryx random selection app and quickly finds a movie using the decades he wants while filtering for the genres that Mrs. Claus enjoys.  A festive end to another successful Christmas!



Santalytics 2020 UI.jpg



Santalytics 2020.jpg


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @T_Willins,


great idea! It would be a cool addition to select your streaming services, so that the selected movie is definitely available for you - or at least you know where to buy/rent them.


As far as I see it, this is not easily doable because Netflix and others don't provide a list of all avaiable movies, but I found this site: We might be able to regularly crawl and download the list for all streaming services and make them via a dropbox/onedrive link available to your workflow.


Let me know what you think! We might be able to tackle this together 🙂





13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

In stereotypical fashion, Santa does not like to ask for directions and typically relies on his gut instincts. Mrs. Claus reached out to me this year to help create a solution that would help Santa overcome his stubbornness and rely on data to plan delivery route.


Goal: Build an app that can calculate many different routes so Santa can decide for himself which is the best route for him.


Benefits: Allows Santa to create different reports and ultimately make the decision for himself. With him in control of the choices, maybe he will make a data-driven decision for planning his route this year.


Datasource: Basic World Cities Database file from 


App Location: The Santa Route Picker app is currently live on the Alteryx public gallery as well as attached to this post.


User Interface:



Sample Outputs:

V1 - 200 largest cities ordered by largest population:
Example V1.PNGExample V1a.PNG

V2- 200 largest cities ordered by nearest city:
Example V2.PNGExample V2a.PNG

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else puts together.


Happy Holidays everyone and stay safe out there!

8 - Asteroid

Description: Given a number of Nice kids, this will provide budget needed and the avg cost per kid to give the best rated items from Amazon. Best Rated is largest amount of ratings to highest rating. From Santa's list (Checks list twice) it will give the Nicest Kids the "best" items and the least nicest the lowest rated. Only using New stock items. 


The app can grow with address data and can make route for Santa in future. Once the Mrs. Claus uses the app and we see what is needed for improvement it can be easily made to her needs. Maybe a budget limit could be made for next year with an iterative macro to make sure we still get the "Best" toys for the Nice kids. 


We can now know how much is going to be spent based on Amazon's inventory and the amount of nice kids and if there is enough stock so all the kids will get a toy. 


Happy Holiday's and Happy New Year!






8 - Asteroid

@KevinHarrison Ha! The workflow really does check the list twice. Santa would be proud.

8 - Asteroid

We can all agree there's only one way Santa can do what he does in a single day: Time travel. Obviously, Santa's sleigh operates in a pocket dimension with adjustable time dilation. That said, Santa needs to know how much to adjust the Sleigh Pocket-Dimension Time (SPDT) to ensure he can get to every home by Christmas morning. Assuming his Data Analyst elves can provide him with the number of homes to visit, the average distance between homes and the average speed of his sleigh, this app will tell him the correct SPDT setting.


Extra note: The app assumes Santa only works 8 hours and day and observes weekends and holidays (work-life balance is crucial!). Using the default app values Santa will spend 76 years delivering presents in the pocket dimension each Christmas. Maybe we'll explore Santa's cloning tech in next year's Santalytics.


11 - Bolide

Letter to Santa

This app makes it easy for children in Canada (we all know that Santa is probably Canadian as he lives at the North Pole and his postal code is HOH OHO!) to write a letter to Santa and for Santa to easily find their name, address, toys they want, age and if they are naughty or nice.  


The App

The app allows a child to enter their name, address, their age group (just in case Santa needs to substitute a toy that he may have run out of for another), the toys that they'd like as well as their "naughty/nice" status.  The app generates an attractive letter that the child can then send to Santa.


The app takes the input data and cleans it up a bit so it is formatted nicely then generates a letter in pcxml format so the child can save to a variety of formats like PDF or Word and then mail to Santa.



  • easy for children to enter all the pertinent info that Santa needs
  • creates an attractive and festive letter for Santa
  • structured letter so it's easy for Santa to get all the details in one place 


Here is the app in the Gallery -!app/Santalytics2020---Letter-to-Santa/5fecebfc0462d71998cfe658


Happy New Year everyone!!!


Maureen Wolfson and Amarendra Donthala

Toronto User Group 

12 - Quasar

Fun fact: NORAD tracks Santa's location


Lesser known fact: Santa has been cloned, along with his reindeer*. Large countries get their own Santa whilst other clones service groups of smaller countries. (Have you ever seen a photo of a gathering of mall Santas? Take a closer look and see how many look identical.)

Another lesser known fact: Gifts for the kids are prepositioned in distribution centers around the planet and sometimes in multiple locations inside a county. Much like the Pony Express, a fully laden sled with a fresh set of Donner and Blitzen, etc., await a Santa to jump from an empty sled and continue the deliveries.

Use Case:

The Santa and Mrs. Santa (yes, they cloned her, too) assigned to the United States would like to run some models and see which number of distribution centers will function best for deliveries.

An Alteryx app that allows the US Santa and Mrs. Claus to play around with K-Centroids Clustering and receive a PDF of the results.



sample output.png


Data is provided by the built-in 2010 Census data in the Demographic Analysis palette.


* Rudolf, unfortunately, was unable to be cloned. The genetic mutation that gave him a shiny nose created….complications. These…complications…will be the driving plot in season 13 of Stranger Things.

Thank you for this challenge.  I hope everyone has a better 2021 than 2020.


edited later for typos and a grammar mistake

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi, Santalytics fans!  The North America Central Alteryx User Group met on December 17th, and we had a really cool interactive portion -- we got together in breakout rooms during our Zoom meeting, and together a team of us built a Santalytics Analytic App on the fly, starting with a blank canvas, using one of the recommended datasets!


We had an awesome team of members from Texas all the way to Minnesota, and built this cool app in about 30 minutes.  🙂  This app uses the Billboard Top 100 Christmas Carol Dataset in the Sample Data Sets and Ideas - Alteryx Community link, and our team decided to give the app user a way to find the "Worst Christmas Songs" according to their preferred criteria, such as Peak Position on the Billboard Top 100 (for example, if the song only made it to 100 out of the Top 100, well, it was the lowest ranked on the list).  🙂  The app can also be used to find the "Best Christmas Songs" based on the user's preferred criteria as well!


Special thanks to Lauren Uyeno @LaurenU , the wonderful User Group Community Manager, for creating this interactive breakout room session, and for Jonathan Shertok, @shertokj , for hosting and facilitating our app building session!


Thank you especially to the NA Central User Group members on the team who helped with the app build:  Aimee, Austin, Dave, Emily, Eric, Jen, Jujlija, Junwei, @JustinBabbitt , Kaush, Kelly, Kris, L. Scott, @lc_p , Pam, @DALAM20 , Rachel, Raghav, Rajat, Renu, Scott, @SherylP , Sujana, @tareque , @mkcompton , and others!


Let's do this again in 2021, and see what we build next time!


Happy New Year and may this year be healthy, safe and prosperous for all!