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    1. If you cannot share the application itself, provide a more detailed description of the functionality and output of the application


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Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas 🎅

This my first  SANTALYTICS so pretty exited. Since multiple submission are allowed, here is my first submission. I going with my favorite thing Toys 😀


Project : Mrs Claus’s Order list maker and Toys catalogue creator


How does it helps ? Creates an orders list based on selection and maintains inventory.


Datasource : Toys dataset from the sample datasets


Description : This is a set of 1 data prep workflow and 2 analytics apps

1.Workflow : For cleaning the data and bring in necessary information into columns and change datatypes

2.Orders list maker (App) : The app will let Mrs Claus select an age group and number of kids to gift. The will look into the available stock, sort the product based on Age, Rating, No of review, low cost and creates the order list for the requested number of gifts. And each time the order list is made, it updates the inventory with depleted stock. Elves can take the order list and process it

3.Toys catalogue (App):  the app lets Mrs Claus/Elves  to select an age and it will give you a catalogue with information about toys.


Orders list maker (Demo snapshots)

On run it creates a temp pdf:

 Pdf: pdf can be printed and given to an elf to place orders. CatalougeId is used for reference.

Each time the order list is created it is depleted from the stock.atcodedog05_0-1605980821180.png

If stock is less then order then it will show not fulfilled (fulfill remaining and go out of stock)


And the app is chained with itself. I.e it will prompt you to place orders until you close the app.

Toys catalogue (Demo snapshots)




On run it creates a temp pdf:


Working files link

Please refer the attached pdf for more details 

Edit: detailed explanation walkthrough of workflow is added.


If you like my submission please give a like🙂👍


Looking forward for others submissions 😀

I will be back later with another my best submission.


8 - Asteroid

Christmas Track selector using Spotify API


This application is designed to help Mrs Claus select suitable tracks for different individuals from Spotify for Christmas music. It chooses the 9 most suitable tracks and creates a PDF showing the Album cover, track name and primary singer.

I made a call to the Spotify API for recommendations based on some “Christmasy” seed tracks:
Mariah Carey’s  "All I want for Christmas is you"
Brenda Lee’s "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"
Michael Bublé "It's Beginning to look a bit like Christmas"
The Pogues "Fairytale of New York"
Mud’s "Lonely this Christmas"

And some special Spotify criteria selected via the App such as Key, Danceability, “Acousticness”, Energy, “Instrumentalness”, Liveness (How likely it is to be a live recording) and Tempo (best per min).

I used a Macro provided by Hanna Nykowska Reference link to set up the authentication for the Spotify API.

I put the payload for the API call into a field to make the number of parameters dynamic, giving the Mrs Claus the option whether or not to select the Key for the track (which I thought might be a bit fiddly if she was pressed for time).

I used the JSON parse tool and RegEx to parse the response from Spotify then made further requests to download the images of the album covers and use the Blob Convert tool to deal with these.

Ultimately, I would like the App will allow you to play tracks from Spotify and or create Playlists however this is the first cut, which does not require a personal Spotify account.

Here is a screenshot of the App:


I have attached a sample PDF output and the packaged App. I welcome any feedback or builds on this idea.


Merry Christmas!


9 - Comet

The purpose of this app is to help Santa calculate in how many years he can double his purchasing power for presents at i interest rate if he chooses to NOT buy any presents this year and choses to invest the money instead.


Santalytics 2020 in the canSantalytics 2020 in the can


11 - Bolide

Santa ETA to North Pole App


Santa may be great at determining who's naughty or nice, running a toy factory, and fulfilling Christmas wishes all over the world, but he is terrible with directions. A very worried Mrs. Claus needs an app that provides Santa a fast, direct route back to The North Pole from anywhere on Earth to restock on presents and fuel (aka hot cocoa & cookies).


Using The Santa Tracker app, all Santa has to do is enter his current location on the map and using his coordinates the app will chart a course directly to the North Pole Headquarters. Scholars maintain that Santa’s reindeer must fly approximately 650 miles per second on Christmas night to complete his journey, so we’ve used that speed to calculate Santa’s ETA to home base from his current location.


Use The Santa Tracker on the Public Alteryx Gallery to find out how long it will take Santa to get from your chimney to his!


potential or proven benefits:

A ‘Santa-friendly’ interface is easy to navigate and collects one input from the app user. Santa may be old and struggle with some modern technology, but he knows how to work a map.


Providing a direct course from Santa’s location to the North Pole will not only take some pressure off of Rudolph, but will minimize time wasted chasing cookies & milk and veering off course to look at holiday decorations during those critical hours of Christmas night.


detailed description outlining the application’s specific functionality and output:

The app interface:


The app output:


The app design:



22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas 🎅


Here is my second submission. I really had this in my mind for a while. 


Project : Alteryx themed holiday card maker


How does it helps ? Spreading the Christmas spirit through one of best ways. That's right by sending holiday cards🙂 


So I dusted and picked up one of earliest and on of my favorite SANTALYTICS challenges as reference. The SANTALYTICS of 2017 periodic tools periodic table.


Description : This app let you create a holiday card with random tools as background pattern and with an option customize by entering receivers name.


Holiday Card Maker Demo:


Holiday Card:

It generates this image in the folder of the App

PS: Since the tools are picked randomly. Keep running the app(clicking on finish and not cancel) till you get the convinced pattern 🙂



Explanation: workflow has annotation with explanation. Uses concept similar to SANTALYTICS-2017 periodic table.


I encourage you all to send Holiday cards to your friends and family through it.

Ps: I will definitely be sending to many myself.


And I am looking to publish this on public gallery so that people can just run on webpage and get the image easily even through. Will update you on that 🙂


PS: Looking for teaming up and collaborating please drop me a private message if you are interested


Hi @Aaron_Harter

Would you be interested in collaborating?  I would love to get my app online and able to run online like yours so that people can directly run it online on their phone, get the Holiday Card images and send through preferred social media. And can work on future enhancements too. Looking forward to hearing back from you 🙂 Drop me a private message.


If you like my submission please give a like

Looking forward for others submissions 


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

When my sister-in-law got a new job, I built an Alteryx app to map neighborhoods that would be an equidistant drive between her new office and my brother's office (in order to aid in their forthcoming house hunt). It occurs to me it must be extremely difficult for Santa to attract and retain good talent in the north pole, and may want to relocate his headquarters further south. Alteryx development headquarters is located in Broomfield, CO, which is a roughly equidistant drive between Denver and Boulder. Santa may want to follow suit and find a place that is a reasonable commute between two population centers (San Diego and LA, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, DC and Baltimore, etc) to be able to take advantage of both.


My app could help. @Santa, here is the app, which is runnable and downloadable from the public Gallery.

11 - Bolide

Here is NA Central Team 3's (the best team) APP.


What it is:

We take in amazon e-commerce data and based on a few user-supplied parameters, we offer our top n items from their selected price ranges, rating ranges, and categories that the user selects.


Why we did it:

This will help recommend The Claus' toys to build in their workshop based on item-performance data.



Product Name


Price (in Pounds)


Prod Info

Prod Description

Average Rating


Thank you to my wonderful team for doing this as a speed build! @Derangedvisions , @EricMartinson , @RMohr88 , @brandon7932 , and @Mike_Fitz (If I left anyone off, please let me know!)


Also, Team, I challenge you to take this app and make it even better! 


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This APP is for creating a map of optimized delivery route so that Santa doesn't get lost his route to delivery the presents.


As optional settings, you can set the sled speed and the time it takes to visit one house. If the travel time exceeds the daily working hours, no break is taken in the middle of the day. When the travel time exceeds 24 hours, one day is added for every 24 hours in the calculating the total days.
The detail map is created by each travel days.


Input : Delivery Information
- Comma separated CSV(UTF-8)
- required fields
- Latitude DoubleType
- Longitude DoubleType
- Label StringType


Another Setting : for summary calculation
- Speed of his Santa's Sled Speed(Km/hour)
- Stay Time(minutes) for one visit
- Working hours per day


Notice :
If there are many travel days, reporting time is long.


This is the solution for Traveling Salesman Problem by nearest neighbor method of approximate algorithm.



Screenshot for UI: 



Chained App 1 :



Chained App 2 :




Result Report Sample :






15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

We are writing the year 2020 and nowadays Santa is not only delivering packages the remote way but also digitally by helping people in the Alteryx Community. Santa prefers to always use the newest and coolest version of Alteryx but unlike him, people often use older Versions of Alteryx and he has to change his virtual package before he delivers his solution. One of his clever reindeers developed an Analytic App to help Santa change the Version of a Workflow.


From now on, Santa never had to change a workflow version manually again, but he got frustrated while using the App, because he often fat-fingered the version of a workflow and wasn't easily able to change it back. The reindeers therefore improved the app to include quality checks that stop bad entries before the workflow was executed.













After some time Santa got frustrated again. Hundreds and hundreds of workflows had to be changed and while the App provided an easier way to change them, it wasn't made for the mass of changes that Santa had to do, therefore he asked his clever reindeer again. The reindeer immediately knew what needed to be done. An App that could change ALL THE WORKFLOWS IN A FOLDER. With that in mind, he developed a new version of the app that could change all the workflows inside a folder. After showing prototype to Santa, Santa already fell in love with it and didn't want to wait for the testing of the App. The reindeer wasn't happy about it, but since Santa was praying for it, he shared the App with Santa. 

(Please use it carefully)





2020-12-21 14-42-23.png


It should work properly and all tests were successful, but please use these Apps carefully 🙂