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Chat, collaborate and share your ideas on how to get Santa's Workshop back up and running!

Tips from Santa's Helpers

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

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Being one of Santa's oldest elves, I've got a few Christmas's under my belt.  I wanted to help Santa and the elves in their app development.  I'm providing the gang with a pre-release of my new, CReW Generate Dummy Variables macro (available here).  With this macro, the process of creating Dummy Variables (or One-Hot-Encoding as described by @SydneyF in her blog, Encoding Variables Translating Your Data so the Computer Understands It.  will be an easier task. 


I also want to give a bit of encouragement to Santa's helpers, that Santa appreciates the effort.  Maybe you've just got a really good idea for an App or macro and you struggle with how to make it Santa-Ready?  You can post what you're trying to accomplish and let Santa's helpers give you guidance on what you might try to complete the task at-hand.


When Rudolph encountered the land of misfit toys, he found loving homes for all of the deserving toys.  2020 Santalytics is a call to community to work and act together.  My macro will help the data scientist and those pretending to be the same.  It also can be used as a training guide for building new macros.  If you subscribe or read my blog, I'll be posting a little history of this macro on the 10th of December, 2020.


Here are some tips!:

  1. Define Scope:  What you'll get and how much time to invest.
  2. Test, Test, Test:  Keep testing.
  3. Keep It Simple:  If you can't explain the workflow, it isn't done.

Maybe my friends would like to add some more suggestions?

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