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Certificate not received

5 - Atom



I had cleared the Alteryx  Designer Core exam on 17th March, but I still haven't received the certificate. I had also mailed at, but I still did not receive the certificate yet. It is my kind request to please send the  certificate as soon as possible.

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @Shushant,


Firstly, congratulations on passing the Core exam!


It does sometimes take a little bit of time for the certificates to come through - has it come through now? I can see you've received the Core certification badge on community so the certificate should be on it's way too.


Kind regards,


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Yes, I have received it. Thank you !

5 - Atom

Hi Shushant,


How many days it took for you to get the certificate?

I cleared the exams on 29th April'21 and still waiting for the certificate.




12 - Quasar

hey @nischaljain 

I had this with my first core exam, it didn't come through after a few days so i sent an email to:

I believe they told me it was usually 48 hours before it turns up, so in your shoes i would drop them an email.