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Certification Policies

Mgr, Global Certification
Mgr, Global Certification

Alteryx Certification Policies


Candidate Conduct Policy


To maintain the value of Alteryx Certifications, and ensure that only qualified professionals are certified, candidates may not engage in conduct that compromises the integrity, security, or confidentiality of certification exams.


Examples of misconduct include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Cheating – using unauthorized materials to pass an exam (including third-party and/or unauthorized publications of exam materials), providing or accepting improper assistance, violating exam rules, or creating multiple Community accounts to circumvent the required seven day waiting period between attempts.
  • Misuse of the exam – disseminating exam questions or copying, selling, posting, distributing, reproducing, using, or disclosing exam content in any form (digital, print, verbal) before, during, or after the exam. We encourage colleagues to study and prepare for the exam together, but disclosing and sharing exam questions and answers and/or providing assistance to others during the exam is prohibited.
  • Misrepresentation – fraudulent impersonation, submission of work that is not completely your own, or taking or allowing others to take an exam on your behalf.
  • Altering or misrepresenting exam scores, falsifying or altering certificates to misrepresent certification status, or representing yourself as certified after your certification has expired.
  • Misconduct as determined by statistical analysis. We believe that certification should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer unproctored, online exams. This exam environment bestows a certain level of trust on candidates. Since misconduct cannot be detected during the exam, we use statistical analysis of exam data to identify patterns indicative of fraud. Alteryx reserves the right to revoke certification status, at our sole discretion, without providing proof of misconduct.


Exam materials are the confidential materials of Alteryx. Any disclosure of Alteryx certification exam content (questions, answers, images, workflows, data files, start files) is prohibited.


Violation of these policies may result in revocation of any existing certifications and exclusion from participating in future Alteryx Certification exams or programs.


Use of Certification Credentials and Logos


Upon successful completion of certification requirements, Alteryx grants candidates a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal right to use the earned certification credential and logo on resumes, business cards, marketing collateral, letterhead, and websites. Altering the logo or using the logo in any manner that devalues the Alteryx Certification Program is prohibited.


Recertification Policy


Certifications expire two (2) years after the date the certification is earned. The earned date is based on the most recent, highest-level exam passed. For example, if you become Core Certified in November 2017, and then pass the Advanced exam on March 29th, 2018, your certification will expire on March 29th, 2020.


To maintain your certification, you must recertify before the expiration date. Alteryx provides two ways for you to recertify:


  1. Pass the current exam for your certification status. For example, passing the current version of the Advanced exam if you’re currently Advanced Certified.
  2. Pass a higher-level exam. For example, if you’re currently Core Certified, you could recertify by passing the Advanced exam.


If you do not recertify by the required date, your certification will expire and you will lose the right to use the certification logo or represent yourself as holding that certification credential. When your expiration date is approaching we will send a reminder email to the email address associated with the certification. It is your responsibility to monitor the approaching expiration date and fulfill recertification requirements even if you do not receive reminders. If you wish to regain your certification status after the expiration of the previous certification, you must satisfy all prerequisites for that certification as a new candidate. If you allow your Advanced Certification to lapse, you will have to pass both the Core exam and Advanced exam to regain your status.



Download Alteryx Certification Policies

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