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Pass one of our product certification exams today to become Alteryx Certified.

Certification FAQs

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Certification Exam Questions


1. What certifications are offered?

Currently, Alteryx offers certifications in four categories:

  • Designer Desktop: Core, Advanced, Expert, and Predictive Master
  • Server: Alteryx Server Administration and Alteryx Server Implementation
  • Designer Cloud, Trifacta Classic: Core, Advanced, and Administrator
  • Micro-Credentials: Foundation, Alteryx Machine Learning Fundamentals, Alteryx Auto Insights, Alteryx Designer Core: General Knowledge, Alteryx Designer Core: Data Preparation, Alteryx Designer Core: Data Manipulation, and Alteryx Designer Core: Data Transformation


2. Do I have to take the exams in a specific order?

Yes and no. All the Micro-Credential exams and Server exams can be taken in any order of your choice. The Designer Desktop and Designer Cloud series of exams, however, have a specific order in which to take each exam. We have provided certification pathways for each category on our main Certification page.


3. How do I learn more about each Certification exam?

Each Certification exam has a prep guide full of information about the exam as well as how to best prepare for the exam in general. All exam prep guides are located on the Exam Prep page.


4. Where and how do I register for an exam?

  • The Certification exams are available on the Alteryx Maveryx Community webpage under Learn > Academy > Certification. You need to have a Maveryx Community profile to access the exams. When you visit your profile’s Certification page, you will be able to select the exam you wish to take.
  • Except for the Alteryx Designer Desktop Expert and Predictive Master exams, none of the exams require you to register prior to sitting for the exam. Once you select an exam, you will be prompted to provide your name, email address, and Maveryx Community User ID.
  • The Expert and Predictive Master exams do require registration where you select a date and time for the exam. More information is available in the exam prep guides.
  • In order to take an Advanced exam, you need to be Core certified. Likewise, to take Expert or Predictive Master exams, you need to be Designer Desktop Advanced certified.


5. How much does it cost to take a certification exam? 

All certifications, with the exception of the Expert and Predictive Master exams, are currently free. When you register for the Expert or Predictive Master exam, you pay as part of your registration. The Expert and Predictive Master exams cost $150 USD.  


6. How long is the certification valid for? 

All certifications are valid for 2 years. One year after passing an exam, you can retake the exam to recertify. Each level recertifies the levels beneath it, and the Expert and Predictive Master exams renew each other. Micro-Credential certifications stand alone and cannot be recertified with other exams. Each exam tile indicates when you are eligible to retake the exam and your expiration date for that specific certification.


7. What is the passing score?

Each certification exam has its own passing score.


8. How long does it take to complete a Certification exam?

Each exam will have a different time allowance. Typically, a Micro-Credential exam will take 30 minutes to an hour to complete. The Core, Advanced, and Expert exams are usually 2 ½ hours or more. Each certification exam prep guide provides the specifics of the exam.


9. Can I retest if I do not pass? How many times can I retest? Is there a waiting period? 

You can retest any of the certifications an unlimited number of times!

  • With the exception of the Expert and Predictive Master exams, all other exams allow for one new attempt every 7 days. You have an unlimited number of attempts, although you must wait the full 7 days between each attempt.
  • For the Expert and Predictive Master exams, you must wait 2 months between your first and second attempt and 3 months for subsequent attempts. 


10. How are the exams delivered?

  • All exams, with the exception of the Expert and Predictive Master exams,
  • are delivered online, through a web browser-based platform. You will need access to Alteryx Designer to complete the exams. The exam prep guides have more information about the format of each exam.
  • The Expert and Predictive Master exams are offered through an online proctored environment. You need to meet certain equipment requirements. More information is available in the respective user and registration guides.


11. Why am I being prompted for an access code when I go to take an exam online?

None of our Certification exams require an access code. If you receive this prompt, please make sure you do not have multiple tabs open with the exam. If you continue to receive this prompt, try clearing your cache, using a different browser, or taking the exam in a different location. Taking the exam behind a firewall or while on a VPN can also result in this issue.


12. What if I have a power outage or get interrupted during a certification exam?

Please reach out to our team (Certification@alteryx.com) regarding these specific situations. Please note that our Inbox is only monitored during standard US business hours.


13. Do you provide any accommodations for disabilities?

We sure do! Please reach out to our team (Certification@alteryx.com) for details.


14. How do I recertify? 

One year after becoming certified, you will be eligible to take the exam again.

  • If you pass, you will be recertified for another 2 years. Designer Advanced exams renew Designer Core, and the Expert and Predictive Master exams renew one another. Micro-Credential certifications stand alone and cannot be recertified with other exams.
  • If you do not pass while trying to recertify, you will still retain your certification for 2 years from the original certification date. In order to remain certified, you need to recertify before your certification expires.
  • If your certification expires, you will need to retest starting with the lowest-level exam, even if you have obtained a higher-level certification previously, including the Expert and Predictive Master exams.

15. Why should I re-certify? 

Alteryx Designer software is constantly being updated; recertifying shows that you have knowledge, skills, and abilities with newer versions of Designer. Recertifying is standard in the Certification industry and also prevents you from starting all over again if you have worked your way up to Advanced or Expert-level certifications.



Badge and Certificate Questions


16. What do I get when I pass an exam? 

You will receive two badges: a badge for your Maveryx Community profile, which is only visible to other Maveryx Community users, as well as a Credly badge, which you will be able to share outside the Maveryx Community. After you become certified, you will receive an invitation to accept your certification badge from Credly. This email will be sent within 48 hours of passing your exam. Once you have accepted your Credly badge, you will be able to share your credential on social media and download a PDF certificate.


17. Why haven’t I received my Credly email?

It can take a full 48 hours to receive an email from Credly. Often you will receive the email at the exact 48-hour mark.


18. When will I get my certificate?

You can generate your certificate straight from Credly! We no longer email these separately and have given you the power to download the certificate PDF files at your convenience. Review the Credly Badge Earner Guide for more information.


19. It has been longer than 48 hours since I earned my Core certification automatically by passing all four Core Micro-Credential exams. Why haven’t I received my Core badge from Credly?

Congratulations! It can take up to 72 hours to receive a badge that was earned by stacking micro-credentials, as the system first has to register the micro-credentials.


20. Why didn’t my Credly badge expiration date update automatically?

Often if your Credly profile has a different email address from your Maveryx Community profile, the system is not able to automatically update the expiration date. Please make sure that your Maveryx Community profile and Credly email addresses match and reach out to our team at Certification@alteryx.com to help you correct the expiration date. Our team is unable to update or change email addresses.


21. If I leave my company, can I take my certification with me? 

Absolutely! Your certification is attached to your Maveryx Community profile, not your company. Please contact the Maveryx Community team at Community@Alteryx.com to update your email address or the Certification team at Certification@alteryx.com to help you transfer your badge to a different Maveryx Community account if necessary.


Definition Questions


22. What is a micro-credential? 

Micro-credentials are a form of credentialing earned by demonstrating knowledge, skills, and abilities in more narrowed areas of focus. Micro-credentials are built with the same level of rigor and integrity as certifications but are smaller in overall scope. They represent the middle ground between assessment-based certificates and certifications and offer another credentialing option for individuals interested in validating their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specific topic. Micro-credentials can be stand-alone certifications or can stack to create a full certification.


23. What is Machine Learning?

You can build predictive models from your ingested data with Alteryx Machine Learning for faster, better analysis. Learn more.


24. What is Alteryx Auto Insights?

Alteryx Auto Insights enables you to uncover root cause explanations for your business results in minutes, share your intuitive data story with anyone, and make better, faster decisions at scale. Learn more.


25. What is Alteryx Server?

Alteryx Server is a scalable server-based analytics solution that lets you create, publish, and share analytic applications; schedule and automate workflow jobs; create, manage, and share data connections; and control data access. Learn more.


26. What is Designer Cloud, Trifacta Classic?

Designer Cloud, Trifacta Classic is everything you love about Designer Desktop—in the cloud. We empower you by combining data preparation and blending, as well as advanced analytics, in an intuitive user interface you can access from your favorite browser. Learn more.



Miscellaneous Questions


27. Can I become certified in Designer Cloud?

Currently, the Designer Cloud Certifications are based on the Trifacta platform. The team is actively working on evaluating whether a Designer Cloud exam based on the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform should be developed and added to the Credentialing Portfolio.


28. I already passed the Core exam but wanted to try out the new Core Micro-Credentials. Can I have my tests opened or reset?

We do not open or reset exams; however, you will be eligible to take the Core Micro-Credentials 1 year after passing the Core exam.


29. Can I use more than one account to take exams?

No. If you do so, your Maveryx Community account will be flagged for violating our policies.


30. What happens if I am caught violating the Certification policies?

You will receive an email from our team with information on the corrective measures taken as a result of the violation(s). Corrective measures typically result in a revocation of earned certification(s), but the Certification team reserves the right to enforce any disciplinary action based on our assessment.