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Gallery Service Account User issue

8 - Asteroid

Hi All

I have bizarre behaviour of a service account in gallery.

We use integrated windows authentication to allow users access to the gallery.

we have recently started using service accounts to minimise dependency on individual users.

however the latest account which has been created is behaving strangely in gallery.

i am unable to modify the role of the account and i cannot see any details of the account in gallery.




the loading screen never ends


has anyone ever seen anything like this before?

I thought of deleting the user from gallery and getting it to login again but i cannot find a way to delete the user 😞


8 - Asteroid

This was escalated to alteryx support and resolved.

the issue was that the user had been created without a lastname, using chrome browser we were able to determine as below



with alteryx assistance we used Robo 3T to update mongo db to resolve issue. Thanks Conor for your help

9 - Comet

Thanks, that solved an issue I was having where someone had logged into the Gallery with an admin account that did not have name details.