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add delete (trash can) to collapsed formula in formula tool

in the formula tool, once you have built a new field or modified an existing column/field, you see a trash can icon on the far right of the preview area when the formula is expanded.  this is for deleting that formula but when you collapse the formula the delete option goes away.  


I often create working fields to explore data while formulating how to design other formula or to see things in the data during testing but when I am done I want to delete them.  unfortunately i have to open each formula to delete it which can be tedious.


I would like it to remain on collapse.  additionally I would like a new icon that enables me to disable that formula.  I get that you may have chosen to not offer this to prevent accidental deletions but we should be able to accept that responsibility.  however a disable feature has the performance effect of eliminating unneeded code and clutter downstream yet if later we want to enable it again for another round of testing we simply click the icon again.  a slick implementation would be to, on collapse, show a disable icon and a trash icon and make the trash icon a double click instead of a single click so it is unlikely someone missing the slide bar would hit the delete with a single click and effect the action.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thank you for your feedback and idea! The ability to delete collapsed formulas will be included in an upcoming release! We'll update this idea again once the release is available for download.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for your idea!


This has been implemented for the 2020.2 release, which you can download here!