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Support multiple table extracts in the Tableau .hyper output

Tableau v2018.3 introduced multiple table extracts. These are particularly useful for fact table to fact table joins and fact table to entitlement table joins for row-level security where the number of rows created by the join and/or size of join results would be prohibitively large. Also they are useful for fact table to spatial joins where we might have multiple spatial objects (for example custom province/district/health facility catchment) for each row of fact table data.


So in Alteryx I'd like to be able to specify 2+ tables & their join keys and then write out a .hyper multiple tables extract.




9 - Comet

This functionality in the publish to tableau server tool would be useful as well.

9 - Comet

One note re: the original idea - having worked with the Hyper API myself it turns out that we don't specify the join keys in a multiple table extract, we just work with tables.


With Alteryx 2019.4 adding support for Hyper for input it turns out that it also only supports single-table extracts. Here are related ideas around more complete support for Hyper files in Alteryx:


Supporting alternative schema & table names for Hyper files in the Input tool:


Supporting Hyper multiple table extracts in the Input tool:


Using the database server interface for Hyper files in the Input tool:


Support in database tools for Hyper files