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PowerPoint 16:9 Widescreen Output Options


I'm not finding it anywhere as a current option, but my company uses branded PowerPoint slides using our logo, these slides are in 16.:9 (widescreen) for slide size, but Alteryx won't output to that size even if I choose custom for page size & have Widescreen selected as an option. Could there be an Advanced Options button added that would allow users more output choices, like choosing the 16:9 ratio size output? Without it, I'm having to output the largest map I can create (13 x 9.75 in Report Map tool) and then stretch/shrink to get it to fit the 16:9 slide...for every single map/slide (currently making 40 maps at once).


Is there a work around to accomplish my goal currently? And if not, could the option be added to the Render tool? Thank you!

7 - Meteor

This would be very useful - is there any news on whether this will be implemented?

5 - Atom

It is a topic that I would like to know as well. 

8 - Asteroid

Any updates on this? Being 2020 now, I think the 16:9 ratio is kind of the norm, our company doesn't even make templates for the smaller ratio. Forget about the option to have it output to 16:9, it should now be the default. Are there any plans to make this happen?

7 - Meteor

The fact that this request has been outstanding for two years is distressing. I've recently run into this limitation myself and was hopeful there was a solution; it seems not. Quite disappointing.

10 - Fireball

Whats the update here?

8 - Asteroid

The world is moving (or has already moved) to 16:9 ratio, I don't think this update should require any amount of "Likes" to get worked on. I don't remember Alteryx waiting on likes to get rid of 32bit support; or to add output options to xlsx when it first came out. What is the hesitancy with this natural progression? The 16:9 view has been around for years, when will Alteryx finally be able to utilize it?

7 - Meteor

This would be an extremely useful feature to include in Alteryx. Right now a somewhat complicated Mail Merge is a better option for handling data this way.