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Populate Listbox Dynamically through Connected tool

The Listbox (interface macro) is currently populated statically when sourcing values through a Connected tool. Whatever, I configure in the macro is retained. When I use the macro in a workflow the LIstbox values are not updated when the fields in the connected tool are changed. This practically limits my capabilities to build a truely dynamic macro/app.

The Listbox should be able to show dynamically the fields coming in through the connected app.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

how are you connecting the macro input to the listbox tool?


like this:



or like this:



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi GarthM,


I am using like this:



The input from Macro input you have showed works just fine(1st case) (which is a different from "Fields from Connected tool") but it is the data stream input, e.g. a select tool like here which does not update the list box. I still get the old values in the macro when used in a workflow.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

gotcha. if you want to update the listbox dynamically you need a 'Q-to-Q' connection (i.e., Macro Input Q-Out.PNG to ListBox Q-In.PNG ). when you have a static list of values that will be used to populate a list you would create an "Anchor-to-Q" connection (i.e., Anchor-Out.PNGto Q-In.PNG). 

Alteryx Certified Partner

yes, that's correct. But what if I want to update the list box based on some data stream but not macro input. The reason is because in case of macro input I would have to break it into 2 macros and connect them externally. I want to retain a single workflow and still want to update the list box dynamically. 

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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