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Option to quickly include specific values of fields (not just field names) in formulae

Hi All,

when we create formulae or filters in Alteryx, it would be great not just to

have the option to include fields (by their names) in the formulae but
also have the option to include specific values from the fields right from a drop-down menu.
E.g. if I have a field called ‘Region’ with 5 values like (Africa and Middle East;
Europe; etc.), filtering the database for these individual values of ‘Region’
would be simpler if I could just select the values themselves from a drop-down
list. I have now the ‘variables’ small tab in the formula configuration window but
every time I have to type the value after selecting ‘Region’== from the variables.
This is annoying with long field values - you have to be careful with pronunciation.

If a simple right click or a new tab in the configuration window would list me the values
of the field (e.g. only if a categorical variable - it can list the top 10 most frequent values),
it is simpler to write the formula.

Thank you,

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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Hopefully we made this specific situation easier when we released to expression editor with autocomplete text.