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Make backup (bak) file creation optional

The bak file that is automatically created (and re-created if deleted) really clutters up our folders.

Please allow us to either turn it off, or specify a different location to hold our back up files.


Any movement on this subject? We could really use the ability to either change where our .bak's are stored or turn this feature off completely.

Adding my own 2 cents. I don't mind the feature, but I would love to specify the directory. 


I would love to hear the Alteryx Develoment team's input on this.

It seems like a very logical and simple change that would significantly enhance the user experience.


Delete Bakup Files.jpgHere is work around for this. Write a bat file and keep under Alteryx workflow event after run. Below is screen shot for better understanding. Hope it works until Alteryx provide in-built option to ignore bak file as outcome of output file tool.



@nparikh That works great! I was trying to figure out how to like your comment...


Yes, how do I disable or hide .bak files? They are cluttering up my folders and look very messy.

Alteryx Partner

I need an option to remove .bak files

@nparikh do you know the syntax for removing batch file located in a ftp server ..?


Yes would love to turn off or direct to another folder as work folder is linked onto a OneDrive 4 Business account (ensures work is backed up by group policy) which doesn't like .bak files



I'm constantly manually deleting my .bak files because I don't need the clutter. Please give us an option to turn off their creation, or at least designate a separate folder for all .bak files.

I would like the ability to specify a separate folder.