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Macros / Package Gallery

Would be nice to have a place where general use macros or packages could be published by the community and then used within the designer.

Thinking of something along the lines of the NuGet package manager:
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Thank you for the request. We are looking at expanding the options available for deploying workflows, and specifically macros. Our update to the Gallery for version 9.5 to support all workflow types (standard workflows and macros in addition to the already supported apps) was just our first step in this direction.
 - Kory
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@KoryC - it would be AWESOME to be able to add a District or Collection to your 'Macro Search Paths' so that the macros appear for use on your Alteryx Designer tool pallette!  This is a much preferable option than storing shared macros on a network folder, because of the sweet version control and sharing features built into the Gallery.



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula
Hi all Has this capability been delivered? This seems like a deal-breaker in a corporate environment or for any complex workflows. copying the workflow down to designer breaks the relationship to the original, so any updates are lost.