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Highlight/Color Lines/Connectors from black & BOLD to bright green (or some other color)!

Need a way to highlight lines whether that means right-clicking and selecting a color or what-not, but just having the lines become black & BOLD doesn't cut it. It's not easy on the eyes. If I could click this line/connector and make it bright green that would be ideal and then I can see where it connects better when zooming out.



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your idea!


We greatly appreciate all the feedback we get on how to improve our user experience, and simple things like this that have noticeable impact on a users day to day are very appreciated by our product managers. It looks like you're relatively new to the idea boards (welcome!) so if you haven't yet be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines as they go over the process after an idea is submitted as well as we need from user engagement on an idea.

8 - Asteroid

Here's another example/use case & visual... the boldness of the one connection is temporary and when the user zooms in and out it's almost impossible to keep that highlighted line/connector bold.  We need a way to highlight & bold more permanently


Example 2Example 2

8 - Asteroid

Another feature that would be useful that goes right along with this one is the ability to show at-a-glance what connectors are going towards closed containers and what connectors are active and lead to no containers or open containers.

For example, the current designer only shows wireless connections if the anchor is highlighted. It would be useful to toggle on or off wireless connections and differentiate those by color.

In this example, the wireless connection to the Properties container is only visible when clicking on the J anchor. I would like to be able to toggle this view without clicking on the J anchor. It's great that Designer can show bold and light bold colors like this, but it would be better to have a more permanent toggle in place.