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File Management tools (copy, rename, delete)

I have many use cases that involve one or more of the following:
  • moving or renaming a file after importing it
  • deleting a file after importing it
  • moving or copying a file after successfully exporting it
  • writing a temporary file (i.e. batch file for RunCommand tool), then deleting it when finished
A complete suite of file management tools (Copy, Delete, Move/Rename) would make this much easier.
Alteryx Certified Partner
This would be a fantastic addition. that would really strengthen the ETL processing of Alteryx. Currently I have to create a secondary work stream that checks what files have been processed already and exclude them from being added.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
I do often hear about these kinds of use cases.  We will consider this possibly for a future release.

Thanks for the idea,


We have a need for these tools in the context of appending data into Calgary DB' based on union of new data and Calgary DB.



Agreed!  Although you can technically accomplish this by writing a batch file and then calling that, I really don't want to have to learn BAT file scripting too.  The batch file is also one more piece that has to be managed along with the workflow.  If the whole process could be accomplished within the workflow, that would be MUCH easier and more manageable.


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Alteryx Partner

+1 for this feature.

Alteryx Certified Partner

I logged in just to say how much this is needed! 


Absolutely agree on the usefulness of this - it's really common to import a file and then want to move it to an archive.

this would be a very useful capability


 I get baffled how Alteryx doesn't have a basic "delete/copy/move" file function! 


Yes please!