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Enhance the Find Tool by displaying annotations for tools and the caption for containers

The Find Tool (View>Find or Ctrl+F) does a great job of finding text in a workflow.  The window displayed by the Find Tool includes each tool # and the Name from each tool's Annotation tab.


Please consider displaying this additional data in the window of the Find Tool:

- Annotation text for tools

- Caption for containers  (like the right-click Zoom functionality has)


Since Containers don't have a "Name" field like tools do, displaying the Caption for a container would be helpful.


See this thread:





Status changed to: Coming Soon

The ability to search annotations and contain captions will be available in an upcoming release. Thanks for the suggestion!

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this suggestion! The Find Tool dialog has been enhanced with the 2019.4 release ( and can now search annotations and container captions.