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Data Cleansing Tool -> Delete Null Rows & Columns

There are few workarounds for this task, but it would be really very easy if Data Cleansing Tool could delete Null Rows and Null Columns. After all its just a macro which can be modified and re-packaged into Alteryx Designer.


Currently, to delete a null row requires multiple columns validation for common Null attributes,

similarly to delete a null column every column has to be compared on a row-level and flagged for removal. Both of these approaches are clumsy.


Wouldn't it be so simple if Data Cleansing Tool gave such check boxes !!!






12 - Quasar
7 - Meteor
Can you ask the developers to add the new checkboxes per the original request? Would be a lot easier for new users.
8 - Asteroid

i agree with hdtruong.

7 - Meteor

I agree, adding an option to delete the rows where a field contains a null would be extremely useful. 


i.e., if any row that has a 0 in the amount column, that row then gets deleted.

8 - Asteroid

Totally agree adding this option.

5 - Atom

Here here. This would be a great add for data cleansing.

5 - Atom

This would be so helpful!

7 - Meteor

Hope the Alteryx Developers are working on this issue already. I just solved same problem using a filter tool, but this is only practicable for tables with few columns. The gymnastic with transposing and re-joining is likewise clumsy, we truely need the checkboxes in the cleansing Tool.

Status changed to: Revisit
5 - Atom

i am not able to see last two column