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Conditional Joins in Alteryx

In other data programs like access or Toad you can put conditions on a join. You can choose if something is greater than, less than, left join, right join, etc.
But with Alteryx you are only allowed to join a perfect match. It would be really great if you could add that functionality into 9.0
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
I made a macro that does some of the things you're talking about - you can check it out here:
Let me know what you think of it...
7 - Meteor
It would be great to have this functionality built in natively in Alteryx as most business users will need this condition. I've used the advanced macro however found that it may not be as efficient on larger datasets
7 - Meteor

I am also running into issues because I can't put conditions on my joins. I still have to work through SQL Server to do some things.

6 - Meteoroid

We are trying out the Advanced Join Macro, looks good so far! Thanks goes out to NeilR.


If this was native it would be fantastic!

Status changed to: Revisit

Thank you for our idea! Our product team was able to review this idea and have determined they cannot place it on the near future road map but would like to keep it in mind for future decisions. We'll update the status again once they are able to make those decisions on if or when this idea can be included on the road map.

5 - Atom

we would surely  need a way out to create conditional join tool between tables/datasets within Alteryx. It is fundamental requirement for many problems that we try to solve.