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Cache option doesn't function when 'Disable All Tools that Write Output' option selected

The new Cache tool does not function if the 'Disable All Tools that Write Output' option is selected in the workflow runtime properties.  There is no indication of why the cache is not working and this may be confusing because many users won't associate the 'cache' as a normal output.  The interface should be changed to make this more clear or the cache function configured to ignore this workflow runtime option. 



We will make the text for this feature more clear for the 19.2 release, so users know cache does not work when output tools are disabled.

Alteryx Certified Partner

@JPoz  Any chance you are looking to fix this so caching does work when outputs are disabled?


I was on the fence with this one. If you tell Alteryx to not write outputs, and caching utilizes writing an output, it seems like it not working with caching also makes sense.

I ran into this today, it's very irritating. 


From the user perspective, caching is not about writing an output, it's about saving your place in the workflow as an input for future runs. 


I get that behind the scenes what it is doing is writing a temporary yxdb, but that doesn't really matter: the spirit of the cache functionality is to use the cache point as an Input Data tool, not an Output Data tool


I think caching should be unaffected by the disable outputs option, just like Browse outputs aren't affected


Just my two pence

Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for the feedback on this. We are planning to enhance the functionality so that caching works with the "Disable All Tools that Write Output" option.