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Authenticate Tool - SMTP Address

For me to leverage the Email tool, I need to authenticate the SMTP so the server recognizes who I am.  Currently, Alteryx does not have a way to authenticate the SMTP so this tool is of no use for my organization.  I am sure there are many other organizations who have a similar protocol so it would be nice to have an authentication tool that can authenticate whatever the user desires.
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Totally agree. We have a similar issue at work where we need to authenticate to a SMTP server in order to send emails out.




+1 just realised my smtp will reject if I'm trying to work from home Smiley Very Happy

Alteryx Certified Partner


+1 gmail marks my emails as spam because there is no authentication.

Status changed to: Under Review

I have a couple of customers that have been asking for this functionality to be delivered in their workflows, and we haven't been able to implement an integrated solution.

Alteryx Partner

Yes, would be a very useful addition

Alteryx Certified Partner

Definitely a requirement that I've come across, well worth adding.