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Adding Unknown Field Checkbox to Data Cleansing Tool

Similar to the Select tool's Unknown Field Checkbox, I figured it would be useful for the Data Cleansing tool to have this functionality as well in order to avoid a scenario where after a cross-tab you have a new numeric field, one of which has a Null value, so you can't total up multiple fields because the Null value will prevent the addition from happening. If the Unknown Field box were checked off in the Data Cleansing tool then this problem would be avoided.

5 - Atom

I second this suggestion. I currently have a workflow that connects to a SQL DB and pulls revenue based on transaction data. I then split the revenue out by week with each week being its own column. Then I use the data cleansing tool to replace nulls with zero, and this is where I run into an issue. Every week, a new column is added to the data, but since the data cleansing tool doesn't have a dynamic/unknown checkbox I have to go into each data cleansing tile and check the box for the new week each time. This is the case in several workflows that I have created, so it would save a fair amount of time if the Data Cleansing tool had a dynamic/unknown fields checkbox.

7 - Meteor

Totally agree with this.  Not only for unknowns, but also when fields upstream in the flow get renamed/edited would be good for Data Cleaning to realise its the same field but just been renamed and therefore keep cleansing it.


I often have to remember to do a check through most Data Cleansing tools and click "All" after I have finished editing my workflows, so this would stop me having to remember to do that.



10 - Fireball
10 - Fireball

Really need this.  I am constantly having to go back thru data cleansing tools and check the All button.  

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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