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Alteryx Designer Ideas

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Add the capability to output to an ESRI File Geodatabase to a projection other than WGS84

We now have the ability to output to an ESRI File Geodatabase, which is great, but it only allows you to output it to the WGS84 coordinate system.  I would like to have the same functionality to export it to other projections or coordinate systems similar to the ESRI Shapefile or ESRI Personal Geodatabase output tools (we specifically need NAD83 but I'm sure others would like other options as well).


Agreed. Outputting to Esri file geodatabases is greatly appreciated, but the capability to define the projection upon export is absolutely necessary for most GIS users, since it's very common to work in coordinate systems other than WGS84.


I completely agree. We do all our mapping in OSGB1936. When used in Esri's systems, because of our set up, they would then have to be reprojected on the fly which obviously slows things down.


Has anyone from Alteryx taken notice of this?  Is it something that is potentially on the slate in an upcoming release of Alteryx?