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Add SSD as technical requirement/recommendation



From my experience, an SSD drive allows a big improvement of performance when the RAM is not sufficient and Alteryx has to swap on the temp storage location. It really changes the user experience. Also, I noted a correlation with the AlteryxProcessManager::Start : ConnectNamedPipe :  error : I think it happens less with a SSD.

Given that, shouldn't be a requirement or at least a recommandation?

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I'd say it would be more useful to let the user define the timeout instead of it being automatic.
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Hello @marco_zara : it's less a question of how to resolve the error than a question of the impact of SSD.

Basically : SSD+Alteryx is a winning couple and it worth the (very small) extra buck.

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There is no doubt that SSD gives great benefits but a large share of users works with data from a server or other remote platform, which suffers a lot from the error you mentions and for which a faster disk won't be of any benefit.

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probably, I didn't have the use case and I think to my issue before all. 😄