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Add Product to Summarize tool

I would love to see a "Product" option added to the summarize tool. I can currently count, sum, mean etc., but I can't multiply my data while grouping. There are numerous "work arounds", but a native product function built into the summarize tool would be great.


Thanks for listening!


It's been almost 2 years since @patrick_digan posted this idea, so I'd like to raise some awareness! Just today I was helping our new intern with his first Alteryx project. He needed to summarize his data by multiplying across the rows. The Summarize tool quickly came to his mind. Unfortunately, I had to tell him about this gap in the Alteryx Designer and show him a much less intuitive work-around.


I would love to see a product function for the summarize tool. any idea if this would likely happen. 


Seeing as this is not currently available, have you found a work-around for this?


Would love a product tool!

Would love this!


Would be really useful in financial analysis - currently we multi row formula to create a running product and then take the last - very resource intensive