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Add Product to Summarize tool

I would love to see a "Product" option added to the summarize tool. I can currently count, sum, mean etc., but I can't multiply my data while grouping. There are numerous "work arounds", but a native product function built into the summarize tool would be great.


Thanks for listening!

11 - Bolide

It's been almost 2 years since @patrick_digan posted this idea, so I'd like to raise some awareness! Just today I was helping our new intern with his first Alteryx project. He needed to summarize his data by multiplying across the rows. The Summarize tool quickly came to his mind. Unfortunately, I had to tell him about this gap in the Alteryx Designer and show him a much less intuitive work-around.

5 - Atom

I would love to see a product function for the summarize tool. any idea if this would likely happen. 

5 - Atom

Seeing as this is not currently available, have you found a work-around for this?

6 - Meteoroid

Would love a product tool!

5 - Atom

Would love this!

9 - Comet

Would be really useful in financial analysis - currently we multi row formula to create a running product and then take the last - very resource intensive

Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your post! Our product team is currently working through evaluating what sort of dependencies would be impacted or need to be adjusted for them to be able to implement this idea. While this is occurring, which can take some time, I'm updating this idea to Under Review. Once our team can better speak on if or when we could implement this idea I'll update the idea accordingly!