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Add Macros and Gallery within Designer

In a future release, I'd love to see the whole concept of browsing for and installing new macros/apps brought into Designer itself.  It's always great finding new macros, but the expereince is inconsistent- sometimes you have to run an installer file, sometimes run a package, sometimes just put the file in a directory and add a 'watched macro' directory to your preferences.


I'd like to see a cleaner expereince where you can choose to 'Add Tools', browse the gallery, check the thing i want, and click the tools group I want to put it under, then have Alteryx take care of the rest.  There would also be the need for a 'Manage tools' screen where could could uncheck and remove them later if you no longer need them.


For inspiration, check out the way MS handles 'Adding Apps' via their catalog to build out your Sharepoint 2013+ site

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you for the feedback and ideas, @dataMack! In 10.0, we integrated the Gallery more into the Designer with the ability to open and save workflows directly to a Gallery. This is just the beginning of a better and more cohesive experience that we would like with the Designer and the Gallery, and the ability to do things such as pulling Macros into your tool palette from a Gallery is definitely something we're looking at. This feedback will help to drive what that functionality looks like in the future.