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2 small changes to make working with Interface tools easier

I would like to suggest 2 small changes to make working with Interface tools easier:

1) Let a user change the name of Question Constants from the workflow tab. For example, I would love the ability to change the names of my list boxes below. Currently, I can click in the name box and write new names in, but it doesn't stick.




2) Let the user add the value on the Interface tools under the Annotation tab. Currently, I drop an interface tool on, change the name on the annotation tab, and then have to go the the workflow tab to setup a value. It would be easier if the value box was also on the annotation tab:



@RachelW I still think this is a good, hopefully simple, couple of ideas despite the lack of community support to date Smiley Happy 


Thanks @patrick_digan@AlexKo is looking at the interface tools, so I'll send this his direction. 

Status changed to: Under Review