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Visual Layout Tool - Improved Functionality

I love that Alteryx came out with the Visual Layout tool, but have found the Elemental Boundaries to be a bit fickle.  I think it would be helpful if items (tables, charts, etc.) could be brought in and moved around like a snippet of paper being moved around on the larger sheet.  Additionally, I think it would be helpful if items brought in were the same size as they are output from the tool that is feeding into the visual layout.  For example, if a table is set to 4.25 inches and I bring that table into the visual layout tool (with the page setup to be 8.5" x 11" with no margins) then the table would take up half of the width of the visual layout.  It gets confusing when I bring something in at a specified size and can then readjust it.  It's like having two volume controls on one stereo.  If something needs to be adjusted, then I'd rather go back to the took where the columns are being formatted and adjust there.


If the latter is not possible due to other tools, it would be helpful if each item could be treated independently and not push other charts/tables as one is being adjusted or restrict the sizing of those within the same elemental boundary.  


Lastly, can this tool be corrected so that images render exactly as they appear on screen?




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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for the feedback!


We appreciate the input on how we can further update our reporting tools, and the user experience around them. If you haven't yet be sure to review our Submission Guidelines since they go over some of the process, including before and after an idea is submitted that can be helpful to users. Also be sure to like any other ideas that would be beneficial to you, it really helps our product team gauge impact for our users.